Bowflex Revolution FT ... A Powerful Yet Compact Home Gym

If your tired of having a body that is not fit, feels weak, and a general feeling of being tired, than the Bowflex Revolution FT may be the perfect solution.

The Bowflex Revolution FT is the newest home gym from Bowflex and it's created alot of buzz. Before, I get into the details, it's important to note that I work out at a gym and I own a Bowflex. So, does it really do what it says in the infomercials or is it all hype? It's actually somewhere in between.

First Impressions ... The Revolution comes in several large boxes partially assembled and takes roughly an hour to put together. One of the problems I have is that it weighs over 200 lbs making it a pain to move. Make sure to have a friend help you set it up as it can take a while

Using The Bowflex Revolution FT... Workouts on the Revolution home gym feel very similar to cable machines. I must confess I'm a big fan of free weights but it didn't take me long to get used to training on a Bowflex. Thanks to Spiraflex, their patented resistance technology, consistent resistance is applied throughout your range of motion, the FT offers incredibly smooth during your workouts. Another plus I like is that unlike free weights, you work just as hard at the beginning of your movement as you will at the end. Need more weight? You can add on 5 lb increments by switching the interlocking plates. The FT offers 200 lbs of resistance (upgradeable to 280 lbs) which makes it great for beginners and intermediate weightlifters. If you need more weight you can always supplement your training with free weights.

So, How Good Are The Results? ... The Bowflex Revolution FT targets virtually every part of your anatomy through compound and isolation exercises. Because it uses cables, it does a great job at muscle conditioning and development. You won't get huge on a Bowflex (due to its max weight limitation), but you will find it very effective at building lean, hard muscle, and hitting those problem areas that never seem to improve such as lower back, abs, and arms. If your self conscience about your looks this can be a real confidence booster. Overall, the Bowflex Revolution is a powerful yet compact gym that will give you one hell of a workout!

Bowflex Revolution FT Benefits

* Perfect for folks who like working out in the comfort of their own.
* Each side works independently so two people can work out at once.
* Performs 90 exercises (compound and isolation) to sculpt your entire body.
* Suitable for all fitness levels.
* Compact size for apartments, lofts, and condos.