Bowflex Revolution Workouts

Building Muscle ... Building muscle on a Bowflex is comparable to traditional weights. However, the biggest difference is the Bowflex does a better job of isolating muscle groups whereas free weights do a better job of developing your stabilizer muscles. The best solution would be to use both. However, unless your a powerlifter or advanced bodybuilder this shouldn't be an issue. Can you get huge on a Bowflex? Probably not. You would need more weight or a big set of free weights. I use the Revolution to get cut and defined because of the wide range of available exercises.

Burning Fat ...  Burning fat and getting cut can be accomplished by doing high-volume exercise movements. The Revolution can be configured to be used as a rowing machine to get warmed up. By targeting your exercise range to 12-15 repetitions you will be conditioning your muscles for a more shapely physique. To do this effectively you will need to adhere to a clean diet as well as some form of aerobic activity such as jogging, walking, etc.